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By the middle of the 16th Century the watchmaking business began creating in Switzerland when the Huguenots, Italian Protestants who had been members of the Reformed Church, established within the region. Geneva and later the region of the Jura soon became the epicentric of the Chopard Replica watchmaking industry.

Within the function of the windy months of winter inside the region of the Swiss Jura, the country individuals dedicated their time to manufacture movements for Swiss presicion pocket watches. Peasents recieved orders from Geneva via the Comptoirs, selling organizations which supplied the peasents using the parts of watch mechanisms to be able to have them assembled. In spring they collected the completed movements and began trading. Until 1830 only watches with important mechanisms were produced inside the region. In 1860 Louis Ulysse Chopard founded his enterprise inside the small village of Sonvilier. There is no record of the first years production but they know that considering that then it is produced watches that meet the highest standards of excellent and presicion. The first chopard watch replica they know is really a thick pocket watch using the signature Chopard e Sonviller.

In an effort to identify his production from the rest, replica chopard watches focused on quality and presicion and created the finest watches in Sonvilier.From the begining of the 20th century on; domestic standard watchmakers began disapearing gradualy because of Industrial Revolution.

Chopard decided that there was still a clientele for his watches and left to Eastern Europe. They visited Hungary, Poland and Russia and his watches reached CZar Nicholas II's court. In 1920 the corporation moved to Ginebra. The period in between the 3 World Wars was critic for numerous watchmakers and jewelers, but not for L. U. Chopard, his son and their watches. Louis Ulysse Chopard's grandson, Andr Paul Chopard, was the head of the firm until 1963 when they met Karl Scheufele III -member of a relatives having a great reputation within the jewelry business- and, acquiring himself with no descendants, decided to leave the enterprise within the young man's hands.

Watches are much more than timepieces. They are jewelry reflecting your style and taste. But the cost of fine quality watches is generally prohibitive. chopard replica watch are an attractive option for people trying to find stylish, elegant timepieces carrying a classic name.